Truth’s Evil Light

Tuesday Wustrack |

This fall, a local author, Michaela McGregor, self-published a novel called “Truth’s Evil Light.” The story centers around Cheveyo Singer, a young woman who, while searching for her kidnapped friend, learns that magic and mythical characters exist. She accidentally exposes them to the world and is now hunted by a deadly vampire and other monsters. Now, her focus is not just to save her friend but also her own life and the lives of all the people in the community. McGregor’s wanted to make her book stand out from other fantasy novels she has read in the past. She said, “I created a world that incorporates every myth, legend, monster, magic, god and spirit into the story. My goal is to merge history and myth from every corner of the globe and combine all the story elements.” Truth’s Evil Light is the first book in a series of at least four more books to come.