New Co-Op to Hit Durand

Marni Kaldjian |

Everyone loves a good local foods initiative. New on the block is the Good Egg Local Food Co-op out of Durand, Wis. “Right now there’s only one place in Durand to buy food, and if you want to eat organically or locally, you have to drive,” shares Knelly Dettinger, a Co-op board member. They’re currently in the planning stage for a hybrid co-op, with a retail location set to open mid-2013. Says project manager Joe Castleberg, “Developing a co-op is really a step by step process...and the more help, the more community support and funding we have, the quicker we can get the co-op up and running.” Jumpstarting the initiative is the Farm to Table Dinner Event. Held at Special Treat Farm in Rock Falls, the event will feature entirely seasonal and local foods. The meal will consist of such ambrosial delicacies as a heritage breed Mulefoot Hog from Mondovi’s Together Farms, herbs from Sunbow Farm, and much more. Along with needing to raise funds for programs including membership and a preferred stock program, Good Egg Local Food Co-op hopes to “start a cycle that keeps feeding back into the community,” according to Castleberg. “We give to local famers, and those farmers go out to local businesses.”