Seven Apps to Keep You Green

greener living through smartphone-based technology

Katelyn Hendren

The Pirika website lets you see users (and their litter-picking progress) around the globe.
The Pirika website lets you see users (and their litter-picking progress) around the globe.


Pirika is a free, easy to use app. Simply find some litter, pick it up, take a photo of you cleaning up the litter and then dispose of the trash. Pirika inspires those around the world to continue the movement to make the world a cleaner place; documenting others litter expeditions on a map of the world on Google Maps. The app allows others to see exactually where you picked up the litter. You can also document your successes on Facebook. A great place to begin your litter expedition would be on any of the busy highways around the Eau Claire area.


The iRecycle app allows the user to find where they can recycle specific items in their area. Simply enter the item you would like to recycle and iRecycle will provide a list of local recycling spots. A great place to visit to get rid of your old computers would be First Choice Computer Recycling located on 525 Park Ridge Ct., right here in Eau Claire. 

Paper Karma

Paper Karma is an app that allows you to get rid of that annoying junk mail, while saving the planet by reducing paper consumption. After downloading the app take pictures of the junk mail you have been receiving and send it to Paper Karma. They will contact the companies who have been sending the junk mail and ask that you are taken off their mailing list.


Ever wonder if the organic, natural or eco-friendly items that you buy are all they claim to be? By evaluating the labels on various items Consumer Reports has created the Eco-Labels app. Eco-Labels allows the user to search any item to find out if the item purchased is truly organic, natural and eco-friendly. This app is perfect for the pet owner or parent who wants to keep harmful toxins away from their pets and children.


Carticipate is an app that helps the user to coordinate carpooling among coworkers or friends. The user can create a new entry and enter the destination, number of seats available and whether those who are coming along would like to ride, drive or both. The ride that you created can be emailed to various people or put on your Twitter account. This app would be great for the eco-friendly college student or one without a car who is looking to carpool home on Christmas or Thanksgiving break or anytime throughout the year.

Meter Readings 

Meter Readings is an app that allows the user to track the amount of energy used in your household. The user can track their water, electricity and heat meters. The app also provides reminders when it is time to record meter readings. Charts or graphs can be created to provide a summary of your homes energy usage. This app is perfect for anyone who rents and has to pay monthly utilities.

Green Outlet 

Green Outlet is an app that identifies which items in your home use the most energy. The user selects the items they most commonly use and the app can predict your carbon footprint and electric bill. This app is also great for the renter.