Music for Youth

charity program to provide instruments, scholarships

Jeanie Butzler, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Music programs in public schools have recently taken a major hit. With a decrease in funding for these programs, youth are presented with less and less opportunities when it comes to music education. To make matters worse, many families have experienced a decrease in income that makes it rather difficult to afford instruments or music lessons. Sensing a need, Durand native Faith Ulwelling decided to start the Brent “Paco” Titus Music for Youth Program – a charity focused on providing youth with music education opportunities. Currently, Daniel Callan, an area musician, is in the process of renovating an old building in Durand to become a music and theater arts venue. 

“It is our goal to offer lessons, workshops, instruments, and musical inspiration for the youth of the Chippewa Valley, providing discounted or free music lessons to those who can’t otherwise afford them,” said Ulwelling, lead singer for Left Wing Bourbon. 

In addition to donating money directly to area band programs, the Brent “Paco” Titus Music for Youth Program currently offers a music scholarship to a graduating student wishing to pursue a career in a field related to music. Ulwelling began the charity in honor of her late friend, Brent Titus (known to most as “Paco”). Titus was involved three bands (West-Side Experience, Blue House Effect, and Monty Hall Trio), and “lived in a world of music, playing both bass and drums.” 

The community can get involved with the program by donating funds, time, musical instruction, instruments, and ideas.