Local Indie Duo Scrimbo Heading to Europe

Jeanie Butzler |

As a graduation celebration, the local duo Scrimbo is packing their bags and heading across the big pond. The self-described “catchy indie rock” band, comprised of Adam Thoms (More Amore, The Blue Room) and Alyssa Rieper (Feathe), is ready to travel across a good portion of Western Europe. Their adventure begins in England and continues on to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Spain. They will be playing alongside many European acts, even Chumbawumba. The “Bon Voyage, Eau Claire” European tour kicks off on May 2 and Scrimbo will be in Europe for about 57 days. What then? Adam says, “We’re in it for the long haul and are also preparing for the next big unknown tour to cross off our bucket lists: Australia.”