Note from the Editor | Feb. 23, 2012

Nick Meyer

There’s a lot going on at the Volume One office these days, so I’m gonna talk shop a little bit here. The most immediate things are some positive changes to our team. After working our way through nearly 110 applications, we just finished up the hiring of a new person to helm The Local Store and manage the V1 office. So with their help, watch for a whole bunch of new products (and other Local Store news) this spring. And just this week we’ve just announced the addition of a full-time graphic design position to add to our existing design team, with an application deadline of March 4 (visit VolumeOne.org/careers for details). In related employee news, our long-time advertising manager, Shawn Brunner, is about to embark on a major personal journey, attempting a thru-hike of the entire Appalachian Trail – no small feat for anyone familiar with the concept. If he doesn’t get eaten by a cougar or something, he’ll return to our ranks in early summer. Also, we’re sad to announce our recurring “cartoon” Rural Fox will be on an indefinite hiatus as the Fox herself, Leah Rule, takes some time to deal with health issues. If you’ve spent time enjoying her writings and artistry as we have, you know she’s got the spirit and drive to come out just fine. And finally, if you’ll glance at the top of this page, you’ll notice we’re screaming up on our 200th issue! That issue will be a doozy for a few reasons, so be sure to keep us on your radar over the next couple months.