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Visual Art

Sheep Herdin' T-Shirt Designer

Emily Haider |

These ain’t yer mama’s t-shirts.
These ain’t yer mama’s t-shirts.

Gearing up to celebrate its first year, Lauren Langworthy is the founder of Done Dot Designs, a custom design T-shirt business that represents the organics of her history, creativity, and the beauty of the natural world. All of the clothing options are made of US Organic Cotton, US Organic Bamboo, and Canadian Hemp and the shirts are made by a company that focuses on sustainability and fair labor practices. Each screen print is hand pulled, which ensures no single shirt is alike and each design is contains its own organic meaning. “I’m trying to release new designs often to keep my creativity sparked and offer more inspiration to others,” says Langworthy. Before settling down in Wisconsin, Langworthy and her husband Caleb hopped on a train and spent a few days in many of the diverse cities in America. “I think we sometimes forget how diverse and large our country really is,” said Langworthy. The couple decided to settle in their Midwest home on Blue Ox Farm (in Mondovi) where they fulfill their dream of living on and operating a sustainable farm, which includes tending a flock of sheep. They maintain an online blog about their experiences on Blue Ox Farm. Langworthy plans to expand DDD and is hoping to create calendars, aprons, cards, and long sleeve shirts, as well as conversing with local businesses for the possibility of carrying her products – so keep an eye out for her stuff. Some of her designs are already available in Minnesota stores as well as on Etsy.