Special Section

Picking the Setting

a pros and cons list for outdoor and indoor venues

photos by Andrea Paulseth |


+ The Valley has amazing picturesque parks
+ Square footage is less of a problem
+ Guests can smoke at will (typically)
+ More options for decoration types and sizes
+ You can get away with almost no décor at all
+ Easier to keep younger ages occupied

– Your options for colors can be more limited
– The weather and temperature are out of your hands
– Things can get dirty/messy
– In high demand during the few months it’s warm
– Must provide lighting or adapt timeframe to the sun
– Less likely to have accoutrements for ceremony and reception both


+ The weather is not an issue, and you have control of the temperature
+ Your options for colors are wide open
+ Clothes are far less likely to get dirty
+ In high demand during cold months, not warm ones
+ More likely to be able to double as ceremony and reception
+ No need to worry about the sun going down

– Having enough space can be an issue
– Your choices of picturesque spaces in limited by comparison
– Smoker guests must go outdoors
– Can be rules about decoration types/sizes
– Harder to keep younger guests occupied
– You might need to work harder with decorations