Millennium Sounds

House of Rock brings in eclectic turntabler DJ Cross

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DJ Cross, thrashing the laptop.
DJ Cross, thrashing the laptop.
Andre Saint-Albin (aka DJ Cross) is not the typical act you can catch on a Saturday night in Eau Claire, but on January 21 he’ll bring his eclectic genre-mashing turntable-ism to the House of Rock for a special performance you don’t want to miss. DJ Cross combines a wide variety of skill-sets into a unique and energetic stage performance that will have you dancing and nodding your head regardless of the mood you’re in. Utilizing his production skills as the backdrop for his sound-scape, the Latin sounds of the South Florida native have garnered him national press and gigs at exclusive parties and clubs throughout the country. Cross performances are as much about the visuals as the music, so don’t be surprised to see masks, glow-sticks, and smoke to go along with the extensive array of lights which are a common staple for his show. Saint-Albin has been making music since sixth grade and he says he owes this to his parents introducing him to the art at an early age. He aims to “Make people happy with my music and experiment with new sounds. I combine my roots in order to make original, cool tracks that bring out the new Millennium sound.”