Sloslylove: An Electronic Solo Project Out of Eau Claire

Chris Macheichok

If you’re down for some retro electronic music, check out the new album Can’t Get Enough from local artist Sloslylove for your fix. If you haven’t heard of them, Sloslylove is the brainchild of Feng Meng Vue, a local artist who has spent his whole life in Eau Claire outside of a short stay in Minneapolis while attending art school. As the sole member of the group, he does everything in the creation process using his own computer software, tape players, and keyboards. “What inspired me and brought this album together was skateboarding in Minneapolis during the hottest summer nights, kickin’ it back with the homies, having late night Street Fighter 4 sessions at the crib, drinking wine while staying up to see the sunrise, and waking up to see the sunset ... memories, nostalgia, space, 80s, 90s ... anything from my childhood,” Feng explains. Although he is currently a one-man operation, Feng is interested in joining forces with fellow musicians. Following up a four-piece album released last July, the new album is a culmination of new wave and Italo disco and is reflected in soothing electronic music and covered in an ocean of reverb, waiting to be sunk into. Visit sloslylove.blogspot.com, or their Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages to hear the tracks.