Eau Claire Big Rig Truck Show

annual big rig fest brings back famous Ice Road Trucker

Max Grones, photos by Kelly Whitman

The Ice Road Trucker, enthralling a crowd.
Alex Debogorski, The Ice Road Trucker, enthralling a crowd.

Our fair city will soon play host to the Eau Claire Big Rig Truck Show, and this year’s special guest Alex Debogorski. Debogorski gained notoriety through the Discovery Channel show Ice Road Truckers and is currently on tour across the U.S. promoting his new book King of The Road. I had a chance to talk to Debogorski about his upcoming trip to Eau Claire as well as his new book and tour. This is his third time visiting the Valley in two years, and, according to Debogorski, it’s the fans that keep him coming to Eau Claire. “My fans own me, for me it’s all about the fans,” says Debogorski. “How many times can you make someone’s day by signing a piece of paper?” Debogorski describes his new book as “A collection of memoirs, stuff about the family and a whole bunch of stories, they probably left out as much as they put in honestly.” In promotion of his new book, Debogorski is currently involved in the first book tour in a big rig. Traveling across the U.S. in his 93-foot long tractor-trailer known as Red Giant the self described right wing environmentalist hopes that he will be able to bring laughter, advice and his own brand to knowledge to his fans. The Eau Claire Big Rig Truck Show runs August 19 through the 21 and is designed to expose all manner of people to the world of trucking. www.eauclairebigrigtruckshow.com 

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