Load the Cannon

local jammers Yam Cannon releases sophomore album

Mark Koenig |

 Ka-BLYAMMO!! You just got shot with a Yam Cannon! You are now fully injected with tuber rock from a three-piece outfit that place themselves among the kin of Crazy Horse and Talking Heads. Their name is, in part, thanks to their friends’ father who spent a long weekend cuddling a yam. Interesting band name aside, YC have continually bustled-along since forming in 2006 playing the Campout Roots Festival, FatFest, and 10KLF while releasing their first official album, Registration Round in 2009. “Sonically we have changed since our formation,” Joe Theilen, guitarist and songwriter said. “Our sound is a combination of all those things we want to hear. ... My favorite music comes from hearing the unique sounds musicians pull out of their mental buckets when their fingers, arms, voices, minds don’t work like they’re ‘supposed’ to work.” YC have recently dumped their mental buckets into their second record, The Beards of the Sun, and will showcase it at a release party that will include poetry, merch, and experimental contests (prizes include free beer and maybe even a custom song written on the spot). The future for these musketeers looks fresh as there is a new album already in the works. “We’re considering an album based on The Odyssey that chronicles a day in the life of a Frisbee golfer,” drummer Matt Hankey leaked. Thielen added, “Some of it is going to be stuff that we never intend to perform, and will be impossible to pull off.” But, first things first, check the specs on Yam Cannon; they’re “like a potato gun, only sweeter, and more powerful.”