Visual Art

The Art Market

monthly venture in Banbury Place to feature local artworks

Bailey Berg |

Brightly colored flags lead visitors through Banbury Place to the buildings’ newest addition, The Monthly Market. In July three local women – Justine Childs, Lisa Ippolite, and Susan Jacoby – debuted the event that acts as a farmers market for art and original craftsmanship. The showroom is stuffed with elegant, vintage furniture, from ornate chairs to old-school vanity tables; knick-knacks from parasols to giant wall maps; beautiful reconstructed jewelry made with vintage floral motifs, antique crystals, and rhinestone rondelles; and a myriad of repurposed art, such as pillows and purses made from burlap and feed sacks. The idea is simple: rent a space at Banbury Building 13 and sell their wares for three days every month. The dream, however, is to partner with Banbury artists, asking them to hold studio hours during market days. While Banbury already has an Art Crawl, part-owner Justine Childs hopes the endeavor will make the art more accessible. “I’m impressed with the amount of talent in (Banbury) and wanted to combine my love of merchandising, having a creative outlet, and bring these artists some more of the exposure they deserve.” Though the project is still in its infancy, the trio hope to expand, allowing area artists without formal studio space to display their craft in The Market. Visit the next one Aug. 11-13 (noon-8pm, 11am-7pm, and 10am-4pm respectively) or on the web at