Pass The Pepper (Magazine)

Alex Olson |

So what happens when two bored UW-Stout students get together during the summer? Well they recruit other talented students, stay up late, and create an entirely new magazine from scratch. The creators of Pepper Magazine, Jonathan Sollie and Jesse Lindhorst, began the magazine as a way to promote their skills as well as to acknowledge the German arts and culture that inspired them. The innovative duo, with the help of their legion of 40+ creative students, have already envisioned, crafted, and printed three complete issues, having started at the beginning of last year. Jesse Lindhorst, the president of the magazine, explains that “the issues revolve around arts and culture, but mostly whatever interests the students who are involved in the issue.” Jesse also explained that each issue has a particular theme, for example the second issue centered on health, while the third delved into mass production. In the past Pepper has been a quarterly magazine, but in the future only one issue will be released per semester. This allows the students to spend more time developing the content, which in turn creates a more refined magazine. Recently, the Pepper team has joined the ranks of UW-Stout’s SSA, or Stout Student Association. Because Pepper is now official they will also receive funding for their projects, which is a definite plus. Besides the actual print magazine, their website,, is a virtual space where readers can learn about new ventures, submit their ideas, and even ask to join the team. Pepper is run by the readers, created for the readers, with content about the readers, so if you’re an interested UW-Stout student don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and submit any ideas you have cooking. Copies of the magazine can be found around UW-Stout’s campus during the school year, and in the near future the team hopes to send their creation to the far reaches of Eau Claire.