Mousetrap Tavern to Appear in India Movie

Andy Plank |

In March, a crew of L.A. filmmakers came to downtown Eau Claire’s Mousetrap Tavern to shoot a scene that would be included in a feature film. Well now they’ve released the trailer for Big Highway, and we’re officially excited. The film is about a man that comes back from a war overseas to find that his dad has committed suicide and his mom is living in isolation. The film shows the man’s efforts to adjust to civilian life. The film is written and directed by Washburn native Lance Lindahl, who has done set dressing for such films as Grindhouse and Talladega Nights, and he completed the trailer to help secure financing for the rest of the film (which he hopes to shoot this winter). Last year he approached Duluth musician Charlie Parr about including his music in the film, and it was at Parr’s suggestion that they film a scene at The Mousetrap. (Several other scenes were shot in northern WI.) So check out the trailer at, and more info at