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post-mortem pet care

Mark Koenig |

We all look with heartache to the day our precious pet turns in its “best friend badge” and “snuggle card” and heads for that catnip patch or Beggin’ Strip oasis in the sky. Options for placing our pet’s earthly remains have historically revolved around backyard burials, but these days, land-use concerns and the ever-mobile family limit the burial option. Today, there is an alternative for pet burials that is respectful to your pet and the environment. Chippewa Valley Cremation Services now offers a pet cremation option for families who have recently lost their buddy. “Because we are a funeral home, first and foremost,” says Matt Thompson of CVCS, “I opted to only offer private pet cremation because I believe the sanctity of life is important in death, just as in life.” The process mirrors that of a private human cremation, when the family receives the cremated remains in an urn, the only difference being that families have the opportunity to do group pet cremations. In this case, the ashes are not returned to the family. “Following cremation, some people choose to display their pet’s ashes in an urn or some other receptacle,” Matt said. “While some may choose to bury or scatter their ashes, just as we see in the death of a human being.” Pricing starts at $195 for private pet cremations less than 100 pounds and receptacle urns start at $75, but are not required when receiving your pet’s remains. “Many people – and pets – live long, joyous lives, but all of us will one day die,” Matt said. “We offer private pet cremation as more of a service to the friends in our area as a way to memorialize their pet in a most dignified fashion.”