Phil Cook & His Feat

one third of Megafaun releases 'Hungry Mother Blues'

Mark Koenig |

Cook at the House of Rock.
Cook at the House of Rock.

“This whole project happened during the middle of the busiest time in my life,” Phil Cook said, referring to his latest solo release, Phil Cook & His Feat, Hungry Mother Blues. Currently based in North Carolina and working as a third of the folk act Megafaun, Cook is a Chippewa Falls native and veteran Chippewa Valley musician with credits including Amateur Love, DeYarmond Edison, and more. “Somehow there was still space for this creation and I’m happy about that.” But, when listening to the album – comprised entirely of instrumentals – it sounds like a man with all of the time in the world. The songs mosey about cheerfully, but not so much as to be boisterous; like a bird flying for fun. Phil has the listener accompany his banjo, dobro, guitar, harmonica, and his feet to the boards of his front porch at his North Carolina home to keep both he and his dog company. “Each instrument has a character,” Phil said, “each day when I play on my front porch I love playing the one that suits my mood the best. Some days I’m feeling pretty dobro. Some days it’s banjo.” The actual recording itself is unpolished, with few layers and aftermarket tweaks presenting a true reflection of Phil and His Feat/feet; a man in motion. “Well, I do know at this point in my life that music is absolutely what I’m meant to do, through good and bad times,” Phil said. “It gives me a gentle satisfaction at the end of each day.” The album comes with vinyl, CD, and digital download all in one convenient package. Get yours at The Local Store.