Shortcuts | Apr. 28, 2011

condensed local news about civic and cultural goings-on

V1 Staff

Molly Otis Scheer


In August of last year, Molly Otis Scheer (a local musician linked to Mike Perry and the Long Beds and Molly and the Haymakers) filed a lawsuit against the City of Hayward. The city had put an ordinance into effect that prohibited live or prerecorded music to be played outdoors after 10pm, unless you have obtained a permit from them. Otis Scheer owns The Pavilion-Wine Bar in Hayward, and had her establishment raided by police while she was performing. After the incident, she applied for a permit but was denied. She then filed her suit against the city, stating her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights were being violated. And now we’re here o tell you that, on April 8, the Federal Court ruled that Hayward’s music ordinance was in fact unconstitutional. This is just the first part of her case; the rest will go to court in September to determine Molly’s personal liability, immunity from suit, and appropriate relief for damages.


ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition is entering its ninth season and they’re coming to the Chippewa Valley. Producers of the show are looking around the area for a heroic family that deserves a helping hand in rebuilding their homes (and it doesn’t hurt if their life story pulls at the heart strings). If you can think of a person or family that notoriously donates their time and energy to help meet community needs before their own, ABC wants to hear about it. They ask that you write a short email describing how this family is inspiring, why America can root for them, and the major challenges they face with their home. The nomination letters should also include the names and ages of each family member residing in the home. Pictures are also welcomed. Deadline is May 2 to


Bands of northern Wisconsin, take note. It seems it’s not quite as impossible as it once was to get noticed by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. Most years, it seems that the Milwaukee-based WAMI has trouble looking north of Prairie du Sac. Most of the nominees, and thus the winners, hail from southeastern Wisconsin. This year, however, local band The Daredevil Christopher Wright has not only been nominated for Best Alternative Band, they played the awards show on April 17. Chalk that one up as a small win for the Chippewa Valley music scene. In addition, some French guy named Bon Iver is up for Artist of the Year. Again. We hear he’s from the area.