A Game of Boggle

Frozen Tundra member creates ‘mind boggling’ solo project

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Monsieur Pizzy
Monsieur Pizzy

Eau Claire’s Mr. Pizzy wanted to make a record that would cause a whirlwind of thoughts, imaginations, and feelings. What he eventually came up with is the Mind Boggle Experiment, a break-off solo project from his group Frozen Tundra. Starting with low points Chasing Rabbits and Hole In The Earth and moving through the madness of Look At The Swag, My Adventure, and Always Running into the eventual high point Sunshine, his new solo record is an emotional ride through the eyes of a seasoned hip-hop veteran who commands your attention. If you are looking to hear something unlike anything you’ve heard before, this is your disc. MBE is deep-rooted hip-hop with the writing qualities of folk. It is a collection of thoughts, feelings, and stories of both failure and triumph. Mr. Pizzy added his name to the long list of Wisconsin hip-hop ambassadors long ago, but this release solidifies his place as well as gives him a chance to stand out from Frozen Tundra. MBE can be picked up at live shows, and will be available online (PizzyBaby on MySpace) soon. Listen to a track right now at