The Next 24 Hours

UWEC Players restart the clock on their 24-Hour Project

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson |

2010’s 24-Hour Project in UWEC’s Riverside Theatre.
2010’s 24-Hour Project in UWEC’s Riverside Theatre.

There are few, nay, no performances quite like the UWEC Players’ 24 Hour Project. In fact, there isn’t even a word that properly labels the event. If I had the lingual authority to make one up, I’d call it a theatriconcerdancartshowcase. The two-hour show is a rotation of short plays, dances, musical performances, and artwork by local talent. The combination of so many genres in one place is a wonderfully entertaining viewing experience in itself, but the lens under which it is viewed is just as surprising. Each of the pieces is composed, completed, and performed within a 24-hour timeframe. Knowing full-well that the artists on stage have slaved over their work for an entire day, drowning their naturally exhausted bodies and minds with unnatural amounts of caffeine and guarana and having little to no time to rehearse and/or edit their art makes watching the unpredictable outcome that much more exciting. The spontaneity isn’t much of a detractor from the art, however, as some of Eau Claire’s finest talent makes up the roster of contributors. Last year’s project included the Barebones Theatre group, folk musicians Mages, and most of the members of UWEC Players. This year’s list is still in progress, but looks to include even more community artists, and for the first time ever, an improv-team – the Backwards Thinker’s Society. Contributors will be working diligently throughout the night on March 11, and they’ll put it all on display on March 12.

UWEC Players’ 24 Hour Project • March 12 • Riverside Theatre, Haas Fine Arts, UWEC • 7pm • $4 (with non-perishable food donation it’s $3) • FREE Thursday, $5 other two •