Frost Byte 2.0

massive jungle/Drums-n-Bass event invades Menomonie

Breakneck the Mage |

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP
Woody McBride aka DJ E.S.P.

Josh G of One Love Productions summed it up best when I asked him why people should attend OLP’s Bass-Gasm 3 Pre Party. “All in all, the goal of Frost Byte is to create an atmosphere that is, well, out of this world,” he said, citing the massive sound system, performers, lasers, lights, and projections on two stages. “It is a brief moment (six and-a-half hours) that people will be able to travel both space and time to explore their inner being. People of the earth have listened to tribal music since the dawn of man ... a small piece of this still exists in the back of our minds. It’s Frost Byte’s goal to bring this piece of buried tribal mind to the front to remind everyone that we are one people, one consciousness, one love.” Are you tripped out yet? Once you regain consciousness, try and wrap your head around the fact that 18 artists and 14 acts will be rocking on two stages for over six hours. Performing will be none other than DJ E.S.P. (Woody McBride), KonKrete Jungle MPLS (MC Brace, Will Smoke, MC Hyde, Modest), One Love Productions, and prolific hip-hop group Frozen Tundra to name a few. In other words you will hear the best of Techno, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Jungle, Dubstep, Drumstep, Chicago House, live Hip Hop, Progressive House, and Electro all in one loud and colorful night in the Valley!

Frost Byte 2.0: The Official Bass-Gasm 3 Pre-Party • Feb. 11 • Mr. Heavy’s, 631 S. Broadway St., Menomonie • 8pm • $10 door, $6 advance • ages 21+ • 235-0177 • or