Arlo Guthrie

State Theatre just can’t stop bringing you the mega-folk

Sarah Dobs

Guthrie and his mustache.

Ending The State Theatre’s unofficial “folk legend series” (John Prine and Gordon Lightfoot) is performer Arlo Guthrie in yet another must-see appearance. This one-night performance will highlight Guthrie as the folk legend he is, but it was how he became the legend that have his fans coming back for more. The Coney Island native and son of Woody was immersed in the folk world well before he saw the light of day, and went on to create some of the most widely talked about songs of his generation. His most controversial being Alice’s Restaurant, a 16-minute anti-war ballad that made a name for Guthrie. Banned from radio play upon its debut, Coming Into Los Angeles was also widely accepted into popular culture, this time for a contentious stance on drugs. Arlo is coming to Eau Claire a year after the release of Tales of ’69 (off his own label, Rising Son Records) on his “Journey On” tour that has the prodigious musician playing clear through May of 2011.

Arlo Guthrie • Oct. 26 • The State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7:30pm • $30-$35 • 832-ARTS •