Student Starts Puppy Chow Snack Operation

Sarah Dobs

Start with Chex cereal, then throw in some powered sugar, a squirt of food coloring, peanut butter, some of this and some of that, and volia, Chowza. UW-Stout student Chris Becker has claimed the snack known as puppy chow as his own creation. Becker perfected this childhood snack a year ago and devised three new flavors (butterscotch, mint, and classic) that has the dogs barking and Menomonites talking. When asked about the future of Chowza, he states that although he wants to start off slow, he hopes it’ll become a player in the snack business. He hopes to move the snack into all the universities and coffee shops in Wisconsin, but for now Becker is creating, packaging, and delivering the creation to various spots around Menomonie himself, as well as keeping loyal Chowza fans in the loop about its latest developments through