John Prine

State Theatre scores major show with folk superstar

Mark Koenig |

A ‘Midwestern mind trip,’ mid-trip.

Dylan called his songs “Midwestern mind trips to the Nth degree.” His lyrics have been covered by Johnny Cash, George Straight, and 10,000 Maniacs. “His is just extra-ordinarily eloquent music – and he lives on that plane with Neil Young and Lennon,” said Roger Waters. John Prine is a Grammy Award-winning American folk/country legend that has played through the ranks of the folk scene since being discovered by Kris Kristofferson in the early 70s. His latest effort, In Person & On Stage, is a narration of his past works recorded live with cameos from alt country associates Iris DeMent, Emmylou Harris, Josh Ritter, Kevin Welch, Kieran Kane, and Sara Watkins. Prine has the ability to take sharp, tart lyrics – unlike Dylan – and deliver them in a prolonged ceremony of song, much like Warren Zevon or Townes Van Zandt. For example, in one of my favorites, In Spite of Ourselves, Prine sings “She thinks all my jokes are corny / Convict movies make her horny / She likes ketchup on her scrambled eggs / Swears like a sailor when she shaves her legs.” He conveys an indelible wit and subtle allure while describing “the big door prize” in his life – one which at times in his catalog may seem cruel and abandoning. Just one of Prine’s many mind trips.

    John Prine • Sept. 18 • The State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7:30pm • $45 • 832-ARTS •