Glimpse | Chippewa Falls Takes Market to the Streets

Trevor Kupfer |

    Do you remember when the Chippewa Falls farmers market tried to take over Bridge Street last summer, only to be blocked by the city council (due in part to comments by the police chief at the time)? A disappointing decision to a progressive proposal, to be sure, but Chippewa Falls Main Street isn’t giving up. The organization’s plan for this year is to claim all the parking spots on three blocks on Bridge Street for the farmers market, while the street itself is being resurfaced. The situation is a compromise to give residents and officials a taste of what it could be like to take over the street, said Teri Ouimette, Main Street’s promotion and volunteer coordinator. At the same time, it hopes to maintain excitement about downtown while the street is closed off, she said, adding that merchants will put racks outside to entice people in. In addition to taking over the parking spots, the farmers market will also have monthly themes and informative booths that pair with community events. So in June there’s a gardening theme during the Leinie’s family reunion, an Arts & Crafts theme in July with the Northern WI State Fair, a Family Fitness theme in August surrounding Pure Water Days, and Art Walk & Fall Festival during Oktoberfest.