Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic to feature Shouting Matches, more

Justin Vernon to headline music festival with his local side project The Shouting Matches

V1 Staff |

Some of the event’s rock-n-roll offerings. Not shown: The kickball part.

If you threw a playground in a blender with Lollapalooza, you’d be close to the kind of unique theatrics being presented by Volume One and Leinenkugel’s this Memorial Day weekend. Though there will be about 16 kickball teams comprised of local co-eds playing throughout the two days, this is not merely a kickball tournament, but a sit-in-the-sun-guzzle-some-beer-take-in-some-tunes party to kick off summer – and you’re invited. There’s beer on tap, barbecue and ice cream for sale, a kids playground, and tons of comfy seating. That’s not mentioning the no less than seven local bands playing Friday night and all day Saturday. There’s rockers Meridene, The Jim Pullman Band, and South Farwell; the spastic energy of The Gentle Guest; the face-melting solos of jammers The Excellent Adventure; all-you-can-dance funk from Duncan Ninja; and a one-of-a-kind headlining show from The Shouting Matches. This is a loud, dirty, and booze-fueled blues rock band with manic drummer Brian Moen and guitarist/lyricist Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver fame) in their first live appearance in more than a year. And for those inspired into action from watching the games, there will be activities open for everyone such as Kubb, bean bags, or the Individual Kickball Triathlon Competition! So, basically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be there. Call your family and cancel plans up at the lake. Seriously. Now.

Chippewa Valley Rock ‘N Roll Kickball Classic • May 28-29 • Cinder City Park, Altoona • 6-11pm on Friday, 11am-10pm Saturday • FREE to attend • all ages • 552-0457 •