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Volume One's Fresh Factoids

things we learned while making the mag

V1 Staff |

1. If you see a manhole cover, you can darn near guarantee it came from Neenah, WI.

2 . The Children’s Museum’s giant hands around town aren’t the most comfortable seats to conduct an interview from.

3. Celluloid and cellulite are not the same thing. Thus, when the cover of the mag says celluloid, it is not in reference to lumpy thighs.

4. If area thrift stores put paperback price tags over 25 cents, they have little chance of selling them.

5. Menomonie Theater Guild is the only local group that spells it the “American” way. All others are the British “theatre” way.

6. Dropping the phrase “I’m here for Volume One Magazine” means nothing to the backstage security guards at Ho Chunk Casino. They haven’t heard of it, and they don’t care. No one can be backstage without an official pass. No exceptions. You have to leave. Now.

7. The wallet buried within a local man’s basement wall for 40 years is 6 degrees separated from Kevin Bacon. 1. The Wallet, buried in an Eau Claire basement wall. 2. Kent Andreas, owner of house where wallet was found. 3. Kent’s dad, who has been a hand model and stand in for Dennis Hopper. 4. Dennis Hopper, who was in True Romance with Christian Slater. 5. Christian Slater, who was in Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon. 6. Kevin Bacon. The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

8. There are men in Eau Claire who pay a lot of money to practice pilates, but they’d never admit it.