Wildwood Film Fest Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Mark Koenig |

Nine years ago, Jason Buss, Tom Thorne, and Craig Knitt created a film, The Hunt, and submitted it to several festivals; unfortunately, they received no response. During this time the trio noticed that the Fox Valley lacked any film festival, unlike its big brother metro areas of Madison and Milwaukee. Anticipating a receptive public – what with the Valley’s larger population, great colleges, and artistic minds abundantly afoot – the trinity of talkies created the Wildwood Film Festival. With the WFF, they would have the opportunity to share their film while simultaneously give other local filmmakers, directors, actors, writers, and producers a channel for their productions. In its eight years of existence, WFF has shown over 165 films, each with a connection to the state of Wisconsin. The festival is held in Menasha and runs from April 30 to May 1.