Reader Letters

Reader Letters | April 22, 2010

Maybe in Mr. Stephens’ parochial reality the jail issue is a joke (Lock it Down, March 25 issue), but the conversation on the jail has gone so far beyond his cutesy string of worn tropes, uninformed claims, patronizing asides and can’t-we-all-get-along sentiments that his commentary is no more than a tribute to ignorance, indolence, and a child-like aversion to conflict. It does no service to the community-building that Volume One works to encourage. Why print such shallow writing that trivializes and mocks people with many, many years of public and community service on our behalf? For entertainment? Their years of hard work in trying to promote an honest and public conversation make Volume One’s visioning salons look like hookah parties. This is the way democracy works.  It is not always easy, like a kickball tournament, chummy and over after the weekend. This is about a jail, community identity, knocking down people’s homes, power, community activism, trying to determine the common good, tens of millions of dollars, government accountability, competing visions, land use, opportunity costs, long-term impacts, complicated numbers, public process, and other awkward things difficult to sort out. Mr. Stephens may care less, but his community is far better for the dedication of people who care more.

– Paul Kaldjian, Eau Claire


I was walking my dog tonight downtown. I had read about the pillow fight and decided to go to gawk. I had a very nice time. Thank you for the sponsorship of this event. I saw adults, teenagers, children, and last but not least a bunch of collage age kids. I did not see beer, litter, or misbehavior of any kind. I saw a bit of normal midwest awkwardness. Seems hard for us mid-westerners to lift ourselves past our self consciousness to reach a better one. I was glad to see so many were able to tonight. Anyway, thank you.

– Robert Gappa, Eau Claire

I would like to take a moment to thank Volume One for everything they do for the Eau Claire community. I love being able to come online and find something to do at just about any given moment. Having just relocated from the Minneapolis area and taking on the responsibility of being the new band manager for local band, the resources they have provided me have been one of my most valuable tools in accomplishing the job, giving me understanding of the area, culture, and local music scene. It really doesn’t come any better than this, no matter where you come from. Volume One really is the key to, not only general entertainment in Eau Claire, but to the musical vitality of the Chippewa Valley.

– Jason Cook, Eau Claire