Reader Letters

Reader Letters | April 8, 2010

While I appreciate your coverage of our Charter School efforts, there are some glaring inaccuracies in the report in the March 25 issue. The headline is correct (“School Board Endorses Exploration of Arts Charter”), as are most of the details about the charter school itself. However, we DO NOT have the grant, the facility, staff, or location established yet. To put it in our words: “We’re excited about the agreement by the ECASD School Board to serve at authorizing agent for our DPI grant application, which is due April 15. The work we have done on our proposal so far has established a plan for the type of school (Creative Arts and Culture), a tentative budget, grant details, and projections for sustainability, with plans to open the school in September of 2011. If the grant is awarded, beginning August 1 of this year until the school opens, our planning committee and others will review models of schools and curriculum, establish staff development and work on facilities (most likely in an existing ECASD school for the first two years).”

– Jo Burke, Eau Claire