Reader Letters

Reader Letters | March 11, 2010

    The recent article in Volume One highlighting the community arts night at Montessori had some erroneous information about the elementary art program in Eau Claire public schools that I feel the need to correct. The article started out by stating that the elementary art program in Eau Claire has, in the last decade, “seen a rapid decrease in art education.” This simply is not true. Last year our program did suffer a sudden and drastic cut of 25% of our instruction time, with students going from receiving art instruction for one hour a week to 45 minutes a week. However prior to that, for the past 17 years, we have had an excellent program where art teachers taught first through fifth grade students for 60 minutes one time a week. During my time in the district (26 years) students have never received art instruction from an art specialist more than once a week. The article stated that we at one time gave instruction twice a week. Rather than any kind of decline, until the cuts this year, our elementary program has been recognized as one of the best in the state of Wisconsin with our curriculum being used as a guide in university instruction of new teachers. I applaud anytime one of my schools does something extra related to the arts and the Montessori’s Artist of the Month program is an excellent example. However, people need to realize that a special arts night or visit from an artist does not replace a quality art curriculum and regular art instruction from a trained art teacher.

– Susan Carey, Art Teacher at Longfellow, Robbins, and Montessori schools


    I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful residents in Western Wisconsin who have donated to the American Red Cross for Haitian relief. A special thank-you to Altoona School District, Cadott Elementary, Cameron High School, Delong Middle School, Eleva Lutheran Church, Elk Mound Area Schools, Fall Creek Elementary, Flambeau School District, Gilman Middle/High School, Globe University, Halmstad Elementary, Kiwanis Club of Eau Claire, Lake Holcombe High, Living Water Lutheran Church, Manz Elementary, Menomonie High School, Osseo/Fairchild Middle & High School, Rice Lake Middle School, River Falls School District, School District of Mondovi, Sitha Indian Kitchen, Stanfold Lutheran Church, Stillson Elementary, UWEC, UW-Stout.

    Because of the generosity of our donors, people in Haiti will receive more than immediate relief. They will receive resources and support from the Red Cross that will help them recover and rebuild in the years ahead.

– Kyle Kriegl, Regional Executive Director, American Red Cross of Western Wisconsin