It's Gallagher!

the 80s comedy icon comes to Ramada ready to smash stuff

Mark Koenig |

Melon head.

Raincoats, garbage bags, sunglasses with windshield wipers, and an endurance for food squandering are necessary carry-ons for a Gallagher show. You will get cottage cheese in your ear; you will get watermelon seeds in your hair; and you will see Gallagher enjoy every minute of it. Beginning in the late 70s at West Hollywood’s Comedy Store, Leo Gallagher brought his prop-comedy/food act to commercial success in the 80s with multiple Showtime specials and successful tours. Today, behind his self-contained touring business Sold Out Shows, Gallagher continues to perform over 100 shows a year with his trusty “Sledge-O-Matic” in hand. The large, Dark Ages-like tool has crushed everything from keyboards, milk cartons, and Big Macs to tubes of toothpaste and pound cakes – pun definitely intended. And to make sure everyone is aware, this is the real Gallagher. In the early 90s Leo’s younger brother Ron began performing the routine (they look very similar). As the line between the acts began to blur, Leo asked Ron to stop using the Sledge-O-Matic. He refused, so Leo sued and ultimately won, and, today, the real Sledge-O-Matic swings again! At 63 years old, Gallagher continues to cover his audiences in fruit, food bits, and laughter all while angering venue cleaning crews.

    Gallagher • January 16 • Ramada Convention Center, 205 S Barstow St., Eau Claire • 8pm • $18-$25 (prior) $23-$30 (day of show) • 877-548-3237 •