Visual Art

Tangled Up in Suspensions

Betty Nikia |

by Sammy Jean Wilson

If you haven’t gone to Tangled Up In Hue for an art show yet, let Sammy Jean Wilson’s show Anatomical Autonomy be your ice-breaker. Wilson’s works range from large-scale paintings to small-scale paper crafts to three-dimensional mixed media fetish suspension pieces. Anatomical Autonomy, running Jan. 8 to Feb. 11, explores the collective societal response to external influence about our bodies from what we eat to how we dress. The show reflects on the expectations and disappointments that bump against each other as we navigate between science, commerce, media, and ultimately our own naked emotions. Tangled owners Erin Roesler and Jamie Kyser rave about Wilson’s art, some of which required being suspended from the ceiling. “It’s really contemporary,” says Kyser. “Some of the art is even a surprise to us,” says Roesler.