The Cord Wrangler

Betty Nikia

Dotz cord managers.

    Wrangling computer cords into submission is an ongoing battle. Solutions have been attempted, but many left much to be desired. Micah Maraia knew there had to be a better way. One day in his Menomonie studio, Micah was faced with his own mess of cords. He considered the familiar problem of cable management and came up with a new way of organizing computer cords. After the initial inspiration and three years of effort, Dotz became a reality. Now found internationally at huge retailers like Office Depot, Dotz is essentially a three-part cord-wrangling system. The cord identifier looks like a throat lozenge and houses a label that snaps at the end of the cord with an icon such as printer, computer, or mouse. The cable tie matches the cord identifier, and bundles cords together much like a snap tie. The cord wrap houses troublesome excess cord like a yo-yo. Maraia says it solves a problem in a simple, universal way. “It brings design, innovation, and fun to a mundane subject matter.” To find out more about Dotz, check out

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