Reader Letters

Reader Letters | December 10, 2009

    Just sit back and watch. While it ain’t gonna be pretty, it is going to be most entertaining. It has already started with a Hollywood epic, stints on talk shows, featured on lots of cable and dish networks, and its gonna remind us of Y2K because it parallels the implications therein. I’m talkin’ about 2012, and the misinterpretations of the hieroglyphs left by our more enlightened ancestors, announcing the end of an era. Oh my, Holy Cheesus, whadam I gonna do? The media will have a heyday with this one too and make many millions of people more neurotic.  Now the real question is – how can I make a buck off of this hysteria?

– Paulo, Eau Claire

    Thank you, Volume One staff, for the good work that you do! I am new to Chippewa Falls and would be lost without this publication. Besides putting out the word about all the entertainment, happenings, and opportunities in the Chippewa Valley, you provide a cause of pride – not only in what exists here, but also in what is possible. I will proudly wear the Volume One t-shirt and enjoy the other membership benefits. Thanks you again for what you bring to all of us living here.

    P.S. Although I am a new resident to Chippewa Falls, I have read V1 for years as a visitor.  Also thanks for the outstanding online site.

– Jean Liedl, Chippewa Falls