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What Does a Painting Sound Like?

Dallas Museum of Art and the University of Texas let you listen to artwork

Heidi Kraemer |

Jackson Pollock all up in here.

Whether art museums make you want to bash your forehead against a wall or dance pirouettes, check this out. The Dallas Museum of Art and students at the University of Texas at Dallas apparently got bored of just looking at paintings. Inspired to engage more of their senses when admiring art, they have set out to define what individual paintings sound like.
I know – one of my eyebrows shot up at first, too. A sound design class at UT-Dallas has created a series of soundtracks to accompany specific works of art, each student’s interpretation varying dramatically. The works include paintings by Jackson Pollack, Frederic Edwin Church, a Roman mosaic, an ancient statue of a Mexican god, sculptures fro Indonesia and Japan, and  pair of Tiffany windows.

According to the museum, patrons are now able to experience art in a way that is not being offered anywhere else in the country. Visitors use iPhones to “hear” certain paintings. Cool huh? I say why stop at sound? Let’s invite the taste, smell, and touch to join the celebration of art as well! Imagine saying, “This Cezanne tastes like snozzberries.”