Volume One Special Coverage: Pulling Together While Staying Apart


Undeclared? Who Cares?

the coolest, most random four-year schedule of college in the Chippewa Valley*

Trevor Kupfer and Heather Mawhiney

* Class schedule does not take into account pre-requisites, enrollment, or the desire to at some point graduate with a degree in something. Or being in less than two places at the same time.

First semester
Biology 255: The Biology of Fly Fishing (Stout)
Kinesiology 184: Flag Football (UWEC)
Religions 315: Psychology of Religion (UWEC)
Food & Nutrition 220: Outdoor Cooking (Stout)
Golf Enterprise Management 250: Turfgrass Management for Golf Courses (Stout)

Second semester
Knot Tying and Line Rigging (CVTC)
Game Design & Development 325: 2-D Video Game Design (Stout)
Dance 116: Tap Dance (UWEC)
Hospitality & Tourism 423: Wine and Food Pairing (Stout)
Russian 101: Beginning Russian (UWEC)

Third semester
Art History 333: Period Furnishings (Stout)
English 372: Topics in Pop Culture: Sherlock Holmes (UWEC)
Chemistry 315: Food Chemistry (Stout)
Music 267: Symphonic Singers (Stout)
Truck Chassis I (CVTC)

Fourth semester
Military Science Leadership 302: Leadership Under Fire (Stout)
Phys Ed 107: Badminton (Stout)
Geography 367: Geography of the Northwoods (UWEC)
Veterinary Science 190: Exotics and Pocket Pets (Globe)
Literature 250: Classical and Biblical Literature in Translation (Stout)

Fifth semester
Phlebotomy (CVTC)
Cognitive Neuroscience 481: Math and the Brain (Stout)
Massage Therapy 106:
Swedish Massage (Globe)
Biology 379: Ichthyology (UWEC)
Apparel Design 410: Ancient to European History of Costume (Stout)

Sixth semester
Physics 255: Meteorology (Stout)
Truck Driving (CVTC)
Criminal Justice 301:
Criminology Theory (UWEC)
Veterinary Science 215: Parasitology (Globe)
Spanish 304: Latin American Short Story (Stout)

Seventh semester
Music 350: Conducting (UWEC)
Transdisciplinary 297: Wisconsin in Scotland Field Experience (Stout)
Humanities 121: Film in Society (Globe)
Geography 280: Introduction to Cartography (UWEC)
Hospitality & Tourism 418: Casino Tourism (Stout)

Eighth semester
History 434: Early Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy (UWEC)
Business Retail 212: Trend Tracking and Forecasting (Stout)
Law 185: Criminal Law and Procedure (Globe)
Design 389: Typography in Motion (Stout)
Philosophy 235: Ancient Philosophy (UWEC)

Super-Senior work
Manufacturing Engineering 415: Machine Vision and Robotics (Stout)
Physics & Astronomy 315: The Mysterious Universe (UWEC)
Tech Ed 431: Field Trips to Industry (Stout)
Pol. Science 320: Caribbean Politics (UWEC)
Human Dev. & Family Studies 347: Ethics in Aging (Stout)
Womens Studies 305: Feminist Theories (UWEC)
Media Technology 411: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (Stout)

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