Debauchery Downtown

‘Carnivalé of Debauchery’ slinks into the Stones Throw

Mark Koenig |

Above: This is NOT the Shrine Circus.

Titillating, provoking, awakening, and enamoring. Such is the Carnivalé of Debauchery and Deviance. Presented by The Midnight Muse Revue (regulars at Ground Zero in Minneapolis), the Carnivalé promises odds and ends traversing everything from burlesque, comedy, circus acrobatics, and folk music by an array of performers. “The Dancing Lass with Sass” is a belly and Samba dancer, “Jonah the Destroyer” plays the clarinet and ukulele in comedic ditties, and the “Exotic Flower of Dance,” who not only dances like an exotic flower, but is a charmer of the snakes, too. While these folks are grounded with serpents and wind instruments, Zyra of “The Savvyqatz Aerial Troupe” will be swirling, twirling, and doing acrobatic craziness above your noggins. Don’t ask me how it works, but I assume anyone named Zyra has enough training/logged floating hours than your average Stones Throw patron. Plus, Fall Creek’s very own world record whipcracker, Adam Winrich, will attempt to break his own record of the most bullwhip cracks in a minute. But if you’re the type that needs to participate, opposite the main stage attractions will be a “menagerie of mischief and mayhem,” including fortune telling, “Pin the Feather on the Fanny,” and “The Three-Legged Ring Toss.” And yes, there will be prizes awarded for the various strategic games, so bring your focus and competitive energy. If these compelling performers or activities don’t do it for you, well, there are sideshow human tricks to boot. Music, dancing ladies, bullwhipping, acrobatics, games, your future, and your fun.

    Midnight Muse Review Presents: The Carnivalé of Debauchery and Deviance • Saturday, June 20 • Stones Throw, 304 Eau Claire St. • 10pm • $5 • ages 21+ • 552-5882 •