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Bust Out the Easel: Art Contest has $250,000 Prize

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Expensive art.

If you have been waffling over where to take your next vacation, consider a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Specifically, plan on going between this September 23 and October 1.  You will be in a position to vote electronically on the international, experimental, and somewhat controversial ArtPrize contest which encourages artists from all over the world to pair with a venue host in a designated three-mile radius in Grand Rapids to spur discussion and involvement between the general public and artists. Oh, that and there is a $250,000 prize for first place with significant cash prizes for nine of the other top entries. Millionaire Rick DeVos started this of his own volition, out of a sense of passion and curiosity. This is a fascinating experiment in public engagement, technological convergence, and community development. This is also an idea that Eau Claire just might be ripe for. Let’s get involved in the discussion! For any artists who want to participate, there is still time. Check out www.artprize.org.