Eau Claire a Hot Spot for NCAA Tournaments

Brent Widmark |

In 2008 the UW-Eau Claire softball team brought the Division III National Championship Trophy home from Salem, Virginia. Should they win it again in 2010, they won’t have to move it very far as they will be playing in their backyard. Eau Claire has built a reputation for its ability to accommodate such events. Athletic Director Scott Kilgallon says, “UWEC hosts many NCAA tournaments and we have a strong track record with the NCAA.” Eau Claire has played host to the tournament four other times (1997, 1999, 2001, 2002) and after 2010, Kilgallon says that only Salem will have hosted the event more times. NCAA evaluates the city, not just the university, when making its decision. Kilgallon says, “Everything from airport accessibility, hotel availability, restaurants, are important in the selection process as well as the quality of the facilities, media, and community support.” Eau Claire will also host the 2011 NCGA Division III Gymnastics Championships.