Mason Jennings

singer/songwriter gets even deeper with new album, tour

Mark Koenig |

Mason Jennings is a playful singer, an entangler of melody and lyric, an elder statesman of the theater circuit and he’s going to be playing at The Great Hall at UW-Stout! Touring in support of his latest full-length album, In the Ever, Jennings continues to prove he is not the next Bob Dylan or inducing Tom Petty, he is becoming a more indomitable, expressive Mason Jennings. From the bouncy strumming of Nothing from his first self-entitled album to the rippling, “banging” lyric of Solider Boy from In the Ever, Jennings develops by touching all wedges of existence, community, the metaphysical, and affairs of state. One of Jennings’ latest songs struggles with his trust in faith, and the questions that he has yet to find answers for. In How Deep Is That River? he questions: “How deep is that river / I don’t wanna know where it’s coming from / I don’t need to know where it’s going to / Before I place my trust in you / I just wanna know how deep.” “Part of the journey for me is becoming more comfortable with not having the answers,” Jennings said of the song. As the search for his own answers persists, his professional journey continues to garner praise from across the music business with his everyman affection and his musical relationship with the stage – and I suggest you join him.

    Mason Jennings + Rae Cassidy + Kirsten Korkowsji • Wednesday, April 8 • Great Hall, Memorial Student Center, UW-Stout • 8pm • $15 general, $9 students • 232-2432 •