Latino dance band at Heyde Center

Mark Koenig |

 Oh boy, re-sole those dance shoes and prepare yourself for Madison’s favorite dance band, Madisalsa! The 10-piece band thronged with horns and percussion emanates Latino culture through their rendering of bomba, the mambo, merengue, and bolero. These styles of music and dance are infectious and like the definition of mambo, “conversations with the gods” – spiritual, energetic, and intoxicating. This Heyde Center concert, on Feb. 21, is a great opportunity to experience the music of another culture, surrender to the gyrations imposed by rhythm and learn how to converse with the expressive higher beings. These talented musicians have the ability, nay, the authority to construct a dance party…I have seen it. This is not a warning but an encouragement, and a guarantee that you will have a musical experience mirroring that of a summer concert, but in February.