Doing Their Best Jagger

Rolling Stones tribute act ‘Satisfaction’ at The State

Mark Koenig |

When is the last time you shelled out over $200 for a concert ticket? If you can answer in the affirmative, well, I hope you also received a gift basket and a piece of pie with your purchase. As you may know, most sizeable rock groups that tour these days have brought ticket prices to a new, disgraceful level; leaving John Q Doesn’t-Make-Very-Much on the curb when it comes to seeing bands like the Rolling Stones. But, not any more … in a sense. Satisfaction, a nationally celebrated Stones cover band will be bringing the likes of Mick, Keith, and the gang to The State Theatre. This isn’t like any other cover band. No, these lads not only have the music down, they have the style, the moves, and even the facial features. Chris LeGrand, who plays Mick, has huge friggin’ lips like the original Jumpin’ Jack Flash! He’s got the voice and he can even do the Mick strut down to the finger shake. These impersonators, or should I say, curators, are so good Paramount Pictures asked the band to help promote the 2008 Martin Scorsese directed Stones documentary, Shine A Light. The group is also a part of the Las Vegas production “Legends in Concert” (which is the end-all-be-all for tribute bands). If you want a look at “Mick’s” night crawler lips before you see them in the flesh at the State Theatre, hit the YouTube circuit. Oh, and the one thing I noticed that lacked accuracy is the guy playing drummer Charlie Watts does not look like Skeletor.

    Satisfaction • Friday, Feb. 20 • State Theatre, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7:30 pm • $25 or $15 for students • 832-2787 •