Visual Art

Artist Gives New Life to Northern WI

Thadeus Logan |

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center Gallery has showcased a myriad of local artists, and gradually evoked a collective sense of the artistic spirit of the Chippewa Valley and the greater Northern Wisconsin area, framing the creative life of the people here and the region we live in. No more is this apparent than in the upcoming exhibit by Ashland educator/artist Rebecca Campbell, A Sense of Place. Says Campbell, “This exhibit links art and nature in a way that draws attention to and generates a deeper appreciation for the independent habitats and ecosystems supporting the diverse flora and fauna of Northern Wisconsin.” Campbell captures the diverse and intricate Northern Wisconsin plant and animal life with dynamically varied media: from beads, buttons, and glass, to flatware, bullet casings, pottery shards, and old-fashioned jewelry. Together, the pieces compose a fresh, enriched sense of Northern Wisconsin existence.