Trampled by Turtles

Duluth’s bluegrass gods head to Menomonie

Mark Koenig |

The Mabel Tainter Theater will play host to Trampled by Turtles’ latest trod through the Chippewa Valley as the band unites its “joyful racket” with our eager ears. The Turtles are amidst a January tour in support of their new album that will see them hit joints throughout the Midwest, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. According to Rift Magazine, their latest release, Duluth, “brings a new flavor of symphonious cornbread to the table that is spiced with an unspoiled musical sugar.” Mmmmm… Not only delicious but a perfect description of a band that exists within the roots of music only to spring forth into a folky mutation that cheers your core. The hometown title of the album establishes the band as one with heart; a band that understands the starting points are as significant, if not more important than the stops along the way. And although you will have the initial urge to label the Turtles as a bluegrass band – don’t. In fact, their sound is a mysterious meld of various genres that can only be deciphered by a single listener. So go find out for yourself and enjoy. Just a note: you will loose control of your lower extremities as they bop around to the addictive beat – you have been warned.

    Trampled by Turtles • Saturday, Jan. 31 • Mabel Tainter Theater, 205 E Main St., Menomonie • 8 pm • $18 at the door, $16.50 in advance • 235-0001 •