New Dawg Eatery Opens

Emily Thierfelder, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Located on the UW-Stout campus, Yo Dawg (710 2nd Street) is the university’s newest and perhaps most vibrant option for late-night, casual dining. Decorated by professional “taggers,” graffiti artists brought in from the Twin Cities, Yo Dawg is open until 9 am on weekdays and also midnight to 3 am Thursday through Saturday. Menu options include plenty of “dawgs” – authentic Chicago, chili, cheese, polish, and deep-fried – as well as burgers and beef sandwiches made with local meat. “The whole idea is to be a kind of anti-chain restaurant,” said owner Diane Kristen, originally from Chicago. “Nothing is stock; everything we try to make very unique.” ThE food is based on a Chicago palate – every single ingredient is shipped in from the windy city. “Our Chicago dog is not a ‘Chicago-style hot dog;’ it is a Chicago hot dog.”