Brian Bethke Wants You to Make His Music Video

Aryn Widule, photos by OJ Hornung |

Did you ever watch a music video and thought about your inability to write music but simultaneously remembered your ability to make videos? Local musician Brian Bethke is banking on that by tempting artists around the world to create a video to go with one of his tunes. He’s giving a selection of songs to choose from, and is looking for something creative and original, so go nuts. Instead of a video of Bethke playing, how about a video of you cleaning your room, or an overturned turtle trying to flip over? The songs will be from his upcoming album and the videos will be tentatively due Feb. 1, so you’ve got some time. There will be prizes announced for the winners, and a performance and screening at the Stones Throw prior to Bethke touring in March. More info soon to come at