Rustlin' Up Some Pizza

Caitlin Heidbrink |

If you were thinking there is a severe lack of ranches in the Chippewa Valley, well, you’d be right. But take heart, the Pizza Ranch restaurant is coming to Eau Claire. Approved by the City Council’s Planning Commission, Pizza Ranch will set up shop on the southeast corner of Clairemont Ave. and Traux Blvd., with 100 parking slots and 200 spots to dine- in. Satisfy chicken cravings without moving a muscle with Ranch’s delivery, drive over for carry- out pizza, or stay and feast on their pizza, chicken, and salad bar buffet. Their menu also includes items like fruit dessert pizza and ranch potato wedges. With roots in Iowa, Pizza Ranch has spread to a plethora of locations in Minnesota, the Dakotas, and throughout the Midwest. As they say at the Pizza Ranch, “Vittles comin’ at you quick!”