The Art of Book Collecting

Claire Jeffries, photos by Trevor Kupfer |

Book collecting is unique to the individual. Some collect books about a specific time in history, some collect books by a particular author, and some collect books just for its binding. Book collecting has an individual meaning. Mark Patterson, owner of Crossroads Books, collects books about the Civil War and books by authors such as John Steinbeck. He tries to collect first editions because then you know “the author held it in his hand,” said Patterson. Patterson is giving a presentation on “The Lost Art of Book Collecting” Sept. 16 at 7pm at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library to revive the interest. “Book collecting has been around as long as books have,” Patterson said; however, he feels that recently the interest is dying out. Not only is it “collecting a library of knowledge, but it’s also collecting pieces of art,” Patterson said.