Foresight is 20/20

Clear Vision project reveals future plans for community

Jared Glovsky, photos by Mary Mihajlov

There’s an old saying: people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. There’s something to be said for this. Without planning, we’re more susceptible to the waywardness of our thoughts each passing moment.

Planning gives us focus.

When whole communities do it, when they attempt to form a course of action spanning not just an afternoon, but a decade or more, it’s a job for not just one but many. It takes time and commitment, but the result can be better opportunity and quality of life for a great many people.

That’s the goal of Clear Vision, a report addressing the challenges the Greater Eau Claire area faces from a uniquely grassroots perspective.

For the past year, a variety of local citizens, ‘community stakeholders’, have worked diligently to encapsulate our region’s future in a plan they’d hoped would a) provide focus and goals in difficult times; b) speak for as many people as possible; and c) provide not only a vision of the community’s future, but tangible steps for making the vision a reality.

The end result of their hard work was the Clear Vision Final Report, the collective thoughts of close to 200 individuals that maps out the future in several areas considered key to our region’s prosperity. This final report was presented July 30 at a community-wide celebration in Carson Park.

As co-chairs of the Clear Vision committee, Vicki Hoehn and Terry Sheridan, write in their Page 1 letter, “Some communities allow the future to happen to them; others create it.”

Hoehn, who came on board as part of Clear Vision’s initiation committee, says diversity was of paramount importance in selecting those who would be involved in the process.